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The Cruz Roja - Chapala offers workshops regularly on how to be prepared for a Medical Emergency. This 60-minute workshop, held at the Lake Chapala Society or at neighborhood gatherings, discusses the steps to take to become prepared, explains the services Cruz Roja-Chapala offers and includes time and materials to begin to assemble a Medical Information Kit.


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Participants in our workshop assemble a “Vial of Life” with important medical information that is placed in the refrigerator at home, where first responders are trained to look. Participants also fill out a bilingual wallet card with important medical information and receive a list of important phone numbers and phrases to use (in Spanish/English) in an emergency.  The cost is a nominal 50 pesos. 


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Look on the calendar on this website (under the "Events" tab), in local publications and on Facebook pages for dates, times and locations of workshops. Religious, social, and neighborhood groups are also invited to request their own private workshops, which can take place at their sites for 12 or more participants. Information can be requested by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.