We recommend that you not use 911 because it is routed to Mexico City and then to Guadalajara before reaching us.  The ambulance will arrive quicker if you use 765-2308. Below numbers are usefu to have, but the private clinics and hospitals are not associated with Cruz Roja Mexico.


Hospitals and Clinics:

Cruz Roja - Chapala                376-765-2308

Hospital Ajijic                           376-766-0622

Hospital San Antonio               376-689-0911

Chapala Clinica Municipal       376-765-5421  

Jocotepec Clinica Municipal   387-763-1920 



Police – Chapala       376-765-4444, or 2821

Police – Ajijic             376-766-1760

Police – Jocotepec   387-763-0006, or 0074           

Police –Movilidad      376-765-4747 (Chapala)


24-Hour Fire & Rescue:

Chapala Municipality 376-766-3615

Jocotepec Municipality  387-763-0784


Road Service:

Green Angels           078 or 800-903-9200

(Los Angeles Verde)


Emergency Medical Phrases and Words

Do you speak English? = habla usted inglés?

I don’t speak Spanish = no hablo español

the address is = la dirección es

my house = mi casa

I need = necesito

police = policía

firefighters = bomberos

an ambulance = una ambulancia

a doctor = un doctor

there is a = hay (pronounced “eye”) un

man = hombre (om’-bre)

woman = mujer (moo-herr’)

child = niño (boy), niña (girl)

traffic accident = accidente de tránsito

robber = ladrón

rapist = violador

fire = incendio

intruder = intruso

noise = ruido

gun = pistola

knife = cuchillo

very sick = muy enfermo

bleeding = está sangrando

people are hurt = personas están lastimadas

heart attack = ataque cardiaco

no breathing = no respira

death = muerto

come right away, please = vengan ahorita, por favor

hurry = tengan prisa