The Heart and Soul of our Community

These are the people who make our lives better at Lakeside.  We are blessed to have so many people who are willing to donate their imaginations, talents and and leadership to improving our lives.  It is the rare person who can translate a vision into concrete objectives and earn the respect of others who will follow and share in these accomplishments.


Thrill the World - Ajijic, Mexico


2018 - From right to left first row Dee Grant, event coordinator, Kristine Handgen, lead dance instructor, Susan Elliott, Hansje Twyman, Susan Romero, second row - David Anderson, Lisa Anderson, Allyson de Jong, Sandra Brousseau. Chick Twyman, Donald Stordah

Thrill the World raised 107, 240 pesos in 2018!

This is a world-wide event and has over 52 cities represented.  The organizers and dancers work very hard to make sure the event is entertaining and professional.  This year the  Ajijic Event was managed by Dee Grant and Val Jones with a host of Dance Instructors.  These are a representation of the people lakeside who make a difference in the lives of both those us from afar and our local population.  The next time you see an ambulance screaming to an emergency, think of and thank these people.  If not for them, our lives would be very different at Lakeside.  One can only hope that maybe they will bring Chapala into the fold and have one of their final practice sessions on the Chapala Malecon next year.  From all of us Lakeside:  Many Thanks.


Chapala Country Club Red Cross Golf Tournament - 2018

Don Fraser has over the last 15 years done a super job managing the Red Cross Golf Tournament held at the Chapala Country Club located in Vista del Lago.  Don has the ability to make complex goals simple and with her ability to give clear and concise directions:  She has, again, achieved great tournament results.  The money raised is going to replacing an aging ambulance.  392,835 pesos raised by this wonderful event.  Thanks to each and every one of you who played, donated or worked the tournament.