Clinic front


Welcome to the Cruz Roja Mexicana - Delegación Chapala.  We have served the local and expatriate communities since 1963. Our emergency room and primary care personnel are the first lines of defense in life-threatening emergencies for Lakeside residents. 


Our Ambulance/Paramedic Teams operate 24/7/365, as does our Clinic, located in Chapala at Avenida Gónzalez Gallo 1 in Chapala Centro.


While 911 is functional, it can delay the arrival of your ambulance, because of the call routings through Mexico City and Guadalajara.


We recommend you to call Cruz Roja Chapala dispatch directly at 376-765-2308.


Help Us In These Difficult Times


Many thanks to Alex Chartier, Bill Heim and Colleen Beery who removed roadblocks and rearranged structure to make our site function for both our Mexican clients and our Expatriates.